Unified 2D codes for immigration clearance and customs declarations

Release date: Jan 25, 2024

Summary of System Changes

System change to unify 2D codes for immigration clearance and customs declaration was made on 1/25/2024 at 3:00 AM (JST).
Until now, immigration clearance (entry record for foreigners) and customs declaration (declaration of personal effects and unaccompanied articles) procedures required the use of separate 2D codes, but after the change, both procedures were made available with one unified 2D code.
In addition, for foreign nationals, two menus, "Foreigner Entry Record" and "Declaration of Personal Effects and Separate Shipments," were previously displayed, but after the release, the "Immigration clearance and Customs Declaration" menu will be displayed.

This is an image comparing the screen layout before and after the system change. The Foreigner Entry Record and Declaration of Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Articles have been integrated into the Immigration and Customs Declaration section.

Precautions for entering and returning to Japan after the system change

The 2D code before the change cannot be used. Please be sure to display the 2D code on this service after the change and complete the entry and return procedures.